I have been designing websites for over 11 years and I still love it. While I love design, typography, coding, and marketing, my favorite part about designing websites is meeting and working with people who are just as excited about having a new website as I am to give it to them.

I always take a standards based approach to web design, with accessibility and usability always at top of mind. I stay current with web design trends, new technologies, and recently, new user interface experience development. I have both “steered the ship” on huge projects, as well as design and code for the smallest executions. I keep current with the governing bodies of the web and how it is created as well as following those folks who I think are doing right. The one skill I am truly proud of is being able to sit with a client, listen to their needs, and build them something that accomplishes their goals, takes their brand forward, and is something they are proud of.

I can’t wait to do that for you.


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